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Morris Water Maze by Ethovision

The Morris Water Maze test is a behavioral task used to study spatial learning and memory in rats and mice.

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morris_water_maze  arena_large  6pools_large Water Maze 200



    Morris Water Maze and EthoVision XT(YouTube)

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    The Water Maze pool is constructed of chemical resistant polyethylene material (standard in white, but also available in blue). The small version holds up to 658 l (150 gallons) of water, the large version holds up to 1325 l (350 gallons).The optional on-demand platform is an automated platform you can use in combination with EthoVision XT’s Trial & Hardware Control Module for full automation of your research

    • Water pool
    •  Floor insert
    •  Support stand (optional)
    •  Pool heater (optional)
    •  Adjustable platform (optional)


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